Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zachisms for Easter

Yesterday after BSF (bible study fellowship), I asked the kids what they learned. Laney, as usual, said nothing. But Zach said, "I learned that Jesus died on the cross and had our sins laid on him. He took our sins away." So I said, "wow that is neat. So do you have sins? "( thinking ooo, I can lead him into seeing he has sins and that Jesus took the punishment for him )His response was, "No. Jesus took them." Alrighty then.

After nap today Zach found me listening to some praise music. I said, "you know that after Jesus died on the cross he came back to life. He is the only one who has ever done that." Zach nodded enthusiastically and said, "Yeah, like Frosty!"

huh. lol!!!

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