Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bed Rest

Well, we've had a little excitement in the past few days. Sunday, after a crazy week of painting and preparing for Laney's birthday I crashed. This past week, I honestly pushed it pretty hard. Painting two to three hours atleast 3 days this week and then cleaning for Laney's birthday. I had a few days of aweful headaches that wouldn't shake away. Then Sunday morning, while working nursury duty at church, I started having splotchy vision and another headache. I finally was freaked out enough to call the dr. He had me go check my blood pressure, which was up a bit and so he sent me to labor and deliver for some testing and observation. After a bit of time my blood pressure was down and none of the labs had issues. So I came home and planned to see my dr on Monday, it was an already scheduled appt. So, I took it really easy Sunday evening and thought for sure i'd be fine. But by mid morning monday i had another headache and another scary set of splotchy vision. At my appt my blood pressure was up again. So, my doc decided to admit me to the hospital for a 24 hr urine test. His concern was that I might have preeclampsia. Due to the headache that wouldn't go away he felt more comfortable with me under observation for the test. So I've had a mini vaca to the hospital, spending Monday and Tuesday night there. Poor Eric had to take some time off work and take care of the kids and huge piles of laundry I had proscrastiated on! Today my tests came back and I was all clear! Praise the Lord! Also, during my time in the hopsital my blood pressure went down and stayed down and mid day yesterday my headache went away. So, he has released me to at home on BEDREST from here on out. NOW, I'm not due until July12th!!! Yup, that's 2 months!!! AHHH! My mom is on her way to help us and will be staying a month. Then Eric's mom will come take a shift. Hope they don't really get sick of us! Its so hard to stay on the couch and not help the kids with little things or to leave the dirty dishes and toys out for Eric to have to pick up all by himself. It really is, although, the exhausted worn part of me has really enjoyed my calm rest the past few days. I know that pretty soon I'll be wishing I could run around. But I have to keep reminding myself that better safe than sorry and I need to obey dr orders. I'll be going in next Thursday for another check up. So...I guess its get ready set....RELAX. ha! This is a picture Sarah took of me on Friday night. I wanted to be silly and do those preganacy belly pics this, possibly, last time around. Soooo, here is me and Baby Hallie.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I can't believe my little baby girl is 2!!! Two years old!! She is growing so fast. Every day is a new adventure! She loves playing in shoes, not just her new dress up shoes but her brother's old dirty tennis shoes! She likes to sing and dance! Our new house has a great "stage" in the front window. Laney also enjoys following Zach around, playing trains, and riding bikes. Charlie is one of her most favorite things in the world. She asks where he is atleast 100 times a day and can't go to bed without kissing him goodnight. God has blessed us richly in the life of our sweet Delaney Cheri!


A thoughtful moment..

Birthday cake!

That's right baby!
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Laney loves her friends and family!

Zach, Daddy, and Laney

Noelle and Laney

Jen and Laney

Laney and Sarah
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Happy Birthday Laney!

Sliding down the stairs this morning...

Laney tries her new tricyle.

Loving our new dress up shoes!

Who me? Yes, I'm the birthday girl.
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some recent shots in the NEW HOUSE!

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Egg Hunt

An attempt at a family picture, neither kid wanted to cooperate.
Zach really had the hang of it this year. But he was particular, he only wanted blue eggs. With him, it was color not quantity.
This was Laney's first egg hunt. She did pretty well, picking up her own eggs and putting them in her basket.
As you can see, its not much of a challenge.
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