Friday, March 26, 2010

This One is for Nana

This is baby Victoria, my doll from childhood. Laney has been very busy with Victoria lately. She is going to make a good Mama one day. Such a good little helper. It seems that Baby Hallie is also interested in babies. She likes to poke living creatures eyes too. She must enjoy exploring eyeballs where no one hollars at you or licks you away.

So, what started out as dancing to praise music, progressed to this. Zach asked to hear the "Lightning McQueen song", so we did. Laney is busy with her baby. Charlie is trying to lick Hallie to death and its a busy place. Never mind my "Pretty Woman" style singing, I just can't resist a catchy tune even if I can't sing. Enjoy this window into our morning.

Some Friday morning fun...

Zach was cracking me up with this shirt of Eric's on. It reminds me of Hawkeye on MASH.

Laney was loving on her baby, a favorite pass time lately.

Zach is doing a silly face and Lane's face says it all!
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zachisms for Easter

Yesterday after BSF (bible study fellowship), I asked the kids what they learned. Laney, as usual, said nothing. But Zach said, "I learned that Jesus died on the cross and had our sins laid on him. He took our sins away." So I said, "wow that is neat. So do you have sins? "( thinking ooo, I can lead him into seeing he has sins and that Jesus took the punishment for him )His response was, "No. Jesus took them." Alrighty then.

After nap today Zach found me listening to some praise music. I said, "you know that after Jesus died on the cross he came back to life. He is the only one who has ever done that." Zach nodded enthusiastically and said, "Yeah, like Frosty!"

huh. lol!!!


Apparently I haven't learned my lesson about being lazy and not getting dressed. Thankfully this morning it wasn't a fire but it was fairly embaressing. I am wearing, my off the shoulder comfy oversized t shirt, shorty jog shorts, and hot pink fuzzy socks. No make up, hair in ponytail. Thankfully I had on a bra, when I looked out the window to see what Charlie was barking at. My heart jumped a little when I saw a 20 something guy in an OSU hat walking in my back yard. Another glance and I saw he was the meter reader, the meter reader who had my disgruntled golden retreiver cornering him! Well CRAP! I don't want Charlie to bite him. SO, I open the back door and start yelling at Charlie to come. OF course he doesn't listen, Has he ever obeyed? He just keeps barking and growling at the guy, as he dances around him. I yell, an "I'm so sorry!" to the poor guy as Zach appears at my side saying, what's happening? I said, "Its the meter reader guy and I'm hoping Charlie doesn't bite him." Thinking that my going outside might make Charlie more aggressive and protective, I continue to yell from the house. But finally, I was forced out, as Charlie would not back down. The guy is just standing there, looking at me, like do something! Wonder if they have "how to deal with dogs" training at PSO. He was pretty wise, didn't turn his back on Charlie or try to walk away. So, I striped off the hot pink fuzzy socks and ran out in the rain, calling in my playful voice,"CHARLIE, come here!" At first he growled and made a pass at the guy's crotch with his teeth out, but then he retreated and came in the house with me. As I was running inside, my loose drawstring shorts inched down a few inches to reveal my undies (thankfully I was wearing some) and I'm fairly certain my shirt was falling off my shoulder to exspose atleast part of my bra. So, once again ladies, on those lovely lazy mornings where you don't want to hurry and get dressed, atleast make sure you are fairly presentable because you just never know what might happen!

PS I'm thinking a lock on the gate might be handy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Well its March Madness time. To be honest I don't follow college basketball too much until the Madness hits. A few years ago we started a Clark family tradition of picking brackets. We include Eric's parents and Sean and Erica. Our children pick too. Just now I helped Laney pick her bracket. She picked "Ho homo state" (Oklahoma State) to get to the final game, that aught to make you happy, Sarah! I think her other picks were basically based on what name sounded funniest. She has "Robert" and "Mary" duking it out in the South with Mary coming out on top to take it to the final game against Ho homo state. I just chuckle! To be honest I make my picks on whose name I like the best too, half the time! I mean come on Xavier is a freakin awesome name! Zach has Ohio winning it all! AHHHH the fun!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hallie Time

Hmmm, A hairdryer...

Hallie had fun playing with Laney's play hairdryer the other day. It blows actual air, which Hal found to be great fun!
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hallie's getting close....

My time of "ease" is quickly coming to a close. Baby Hal is sooo close to crawling! Enjoy her yoga moves in this short video. She is going to have a killer core if she keeps this up!


I looked out my window Monday and saw this single, brave, brilliant, yellow flower! It may sound dramatic and maybe it is, but after days and days of grey gloom, this sunny flower was a beacon of hope! Spring is on the way, grey gloom won't last forever!! Furthermore, it was like the Lord was telling me, there is hope for me yet too! I will bloom. I will stand out strong in a nasty dead world, as much as I FEEL that is far from true, it is His Word! And His day is coming, when the world will be new, then dead and nasty will pass away forever! AMEN! Bring it on Lord!
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Apology, the Cure!

ok, so this morning was one of THOSE mornings. With Laney sick there has been quite a bit more whining than usual! Enough to drive me close the the brink of insanity. Come lunch time I was driven to the brink of total frustration! Hallie would not take her bottle or eat her lunch . She screamed at me to let me know that all she wanted was bananas and boob! She got her banana but Mommy is holding out on the boob. Time that girl learned to take a bottle! Anyhoo, while trying to eat MY yummy healthy lunch of taquitos, salsa, and guacamole I am assalted by these sounds..." I don't liiiiiiiiiike this!" Mommy, can I have some more taquitos!" Mommy can I have some more salsa?" "AAAAAAAAA, that's not a lot, I want alot!" waaaaaaaaaaaaa, I have a snotty nose!" (translation get me a kleenex) I want a banana! I want a cookie! Make Charlie get away from me!! WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! So having made it through to the end in calm cool mommy mode, I sent Lane to wash her hands. She is too short, even with the stool to reach the faucet and turn the water on, but once it is on she can take care of business. Well, she starts wailing Mommy help me! I came with Hallie on my hip to turn on the water, telling her to get the stool and climb up. She didn't. She just whined at me to HELLLLP! (its so ironic that one second they are whining for help and the next snapping, "I can do it myself". ) Anyway, I turned on the water and she cont to whine and fuss about me helping as the water flowed down the drain. (We will never win awards for being a green family!) Finally, I lost it and yelled at her that if she wouldn't get up on the stool and wash she couldn't wash her hands. I slammed off the water and stomped out of the bathroom as she dissolved into tears on the floor. Immediately, I felt the regret, the guilt, heard Satan whisper," you are a horrible mom". Took a few deep breaths. Put Hallie on the floor to scream. Came back, not quite settled down, but lifted Laney, not so gently, onto the stool, turned on the faucet and washed hands and face for her. Feeling still frustration and defeat. The Lord said, apologize. So I took my laney by the hands and pulled her to me. As we sat on the bottom stairs, I just said, "Laney, Mommy is sorry that she got so angry at you in the bathroom. I'm sorry I was rude and hurt your feelings. Will you forgive me? And she answered yes! and we hugged. And it was like magic, the Lord's upside down Kingdom principles are like magic. I could've been defeated all day bc of that incident. Laney might have carried anger at me or worse walked around thinking I didn't love her or was angry at her all day. But just asking for forgiveness turned it all around! It shut up Satan's lies in my head. It took away his place to stand in both our lives. And it brought back unity and love between my precious daughter and me. God is wise! Surely we all make mommy mistakes, but we have a Savior who loves and forgives us and our children do too, if we only take the time to ask.