Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Well its March Madness time. To be honest I don't follow college basketball too much until the Madness hits. A few years ago we started a Clark family tradition of picking brackets. We include Eric's parents and Sean and Erica. Our children pick too. Just now I helped Laney pick her bracket. She picked "Ho homo state" (Oklahoma State) to get to the final game, that aught to make you happy, Sarah! I think her other picks were basically based on what name sounded funniest. She has "Robert" and "Mary" duking it out in the South with Mary coming out on top to take it to the final game against Ho homo state. I just chuckle! To be honest I make my picks on whose name I like the best too, half the time! I mean come on Xavier is a freakin awesome name! Zach has Ohio winning it all! AHHHH the fun!