Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More pumpkin patch

We headed out to the Bixby pumpkin patch one afternoon with our friends the Hitchcocks and Stephens.
Here are the mommys attempts at a group shot.

Hallie and Rylee

Laney, Zach, Andrew, Kaitlyn, Gunner, and Rylee

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Pumpkin Patch Time!

Laney and Zach climb in the pumpkins.

Baby Hallie chillin in her carseat near pumpkins. lol

They look like they are screaming but they are really saying cheese happily!

Laney loved pulling the wagon all over the pumpkin patch area.
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Random shots

Our sweet friends Donna and Niki sent us this super fun apple pealer and corer!
We are eating sooo many apples these days due to this handy dandy gadget!

Hallie is finally able to enjoy her bumbo seat!

"I can stick my whole fist in my mouth!"
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A visit with Donna and Coert

Hallie and Aunt Mae

Zach, Hallie, and Laney with Donna

Laney, Donna, Taylor, Zach
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Fun with Ross and Noelle

Laney, Noelle, Zach, and Ross checking out some Mini ponies.

Playing Choo choo!

Doggie day! The kids are pretending to be dogs doing tricks.
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The Clark Family

Grandma and Grandpa with all four Great Grandkids

Hallie and Mimi

Hallie and Papa
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More Fun in Chicago at G&G's

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Grandpa's Birthday party!

Eric with his brother and cousins.

Sean, Erica, Cohen, Hallie, Michelle, Eric with G&G

Sean, Erica, Cohen
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Grandma (Mimi) and Grandpa (Poppie) at Grandpa's 90th birthday celebration!


Laney and Aunt Erica

Hallie and Papa
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Football in Poppie and Mimi's yard

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Football Day!

Its been awhile since our family had a theme night, so in
honor of college football starting we thought we'd kick it off right. For an art project we made our own three D footballs.

Zach is a realist who wanted a Texas Tech Double T on his orignial blue football and a #4.
However, Daddy, ever the optimist, put a #1 on his traditional brown football.
He always believes, I mean, he's a Cubs fan for petesake!

Laney made a rarely seen lavendar football with pink monkey stamps on it. She saw no need for Texas Tech writing on her ball. She also did not care to show it off, so she is sulking while i take her picture.

We displayed our balls on the patio, where I am fulling expecting them to be smacked down by a child with some weapon in the very near future. Since you can't really see mine, I'll tell you, one side says "Wreck Em" and the other Roll Tide. =)
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