Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laney's Mary Tyler Moore Walk



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Walking Through Life Together...Zachie and Laney




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I'm pregnant!

I laugh as I type this. To many of you this is no surprise, but a few of my out of town friends were shocked to find a pregnancy countdown on my blog with absolutely no mention of my being pregnant in post form. Preganacy brain! We found out we were prego the first of November. I was thrilled, Eric was shocked. We were not preventing but I don't think he figured on things happening so fast! I am so excited! I think that being farther away from the baby stage with my current two makes me look forward to the snuggling time with a new born. At this time we don't know the sex, still a few weeks. We definately will find out though. I am a planner! I was ucky nauseous for the first trimester but am feeling good now. I am tired, but as my mother in law put it.." you have a 3 and 1 and a half year old and your pregnant. of course you are tired!" We are hoping for a boy. Between little Laney Cheri and her mama there is plenty of girly drama in this house. But God knows best and we will delight in whatever he give us! But we may have to try again if this one is a girl! One of the most exciting things for us about this pregnancy is that Eric's brother and his wife are also pregnant. We have due dates that are two days apart. Soooo fun to finally have a cousin! So...that is the pregnancy scoop. =)

Happy 3rd Birthday Zach!

So it only took me to the end of his Birthday month, his bday is January 5th, to post some pics. We kept it low key for his bday this year. Playing with a few friends and home and opening gifts with the Family. When asked how he wanted his cake decorated he answered with Thomas and Disel. At the time, these were his favorite engines. So you see there, Mom's attempt at putting them on the cake. A professional cake decorator I am not! The predrawing was pretty rockin but I cannot make icing do what I want! ha! oh well...didn't matter a bit because Zach knew who they were. ha! I can't believe my little boy is 3! I remember vividly the day he was born! Time does fly!



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