Friday, April 25, 2008

Lane with her family on her birthday.



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Water Fun

In honor of Lane's birthday the kids did one of Lane's favorite things, playing in water. The sprinkler, or "spinkler" as Zach calls it, was fun, but not as fun as two big bowls of water and a golf ball. HA! Why do we buy fancy things for them? They are so easily entertained.


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Laney loves to play in the water!

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Happy Birthday Laney!

Lane was afraid of her cake and screamed when we put it near her!
She didn't really want to eat any either, silly girl! The rest of us did though!
Opening gifts is fun!
Big brother shows her how its done!
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Good Morning Birthday Girl!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A warm evening

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A trip to the zoo...


Laney, Zach, Ross, and Noelle check out the giraffe.

Ross comes to see what Zach has for lunch.

Noelle and Laney

Mommy and Laney
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Zach helps Lane with her shades

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Laney's sink Bath

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Lane was so happy playing in the sink, you'd never suspect that when I took her out seconds later that she would throw her biggest fit yet and scream for 5 minutes straight. That girl knows what she wants! Too bad she can't always have it. =)

Hanging Around the House


Zach give Laney a hug.

Zach enjoyed making playdough the other day. Mostly he cared about pouring and stiring oil, water, and cornstartch, instead of the finished product. He was so happy, I tried not to freak about the mess!
Lane and Zach rocking.
Why are you down there Lane?
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

 I love Laney in cutie pig tails!
 Zach says, "Cheese!"
 Sarah and Zach are so silly!
 My little rugby player!
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Some Recent shots.

 Lane is modeling a new bow Mommy made! She wasn't that willing of a model.
 A shot of Lane on the day of her ear tube surgery.
 Zach had a yummy chocolate chip cookie, can you tell?
 I just love this face!
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