Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Football Day!

Its been awhile since our family had a theme night, so in
honor of college football starting we thought we'd kick it off right. For an art project we made our own three D footballs.

Zach is a realist who wanted a Texas Tech Double T on his orignial blue football and a #4.
However, Daddy, ever the optimist, put a #1 on his traditional brown football.
He always believes, I mean, he's a Cubs fan for petesake!

Laney made a rarely seen lavendar football with pink monkey stamps on it. She saw no need for Texas Tech writing on her ball. She also did not care to show it off, so she is sulking while i take her picture.

We displayed our balls on the patio, where I am fulling expecting them to be smacked down by a child with some weapon in the very near future. Since you can't really see mine, I'll tell you, one side says "Wreck Em" and the other Roll Tide. =)
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  1. Poor Laney... WE are going to have to teach her how to LOVE football! :) Go Pokes!

  2. What a cute post! I LOVE the theme night! You have such a sweet family! :)