Saturday, September 5, 2009

Big Kid Saturday!

This may seem strange but my two kids have been addicted to their morning sippy cup of warm milk since forever. I have tried to kick the habit a few times but Zach addimately refused to comply and I gave in. However, this Saturday we had a "Big Kid" day and threw away our sippy cups and did away with morning warm milk. whooo hooo! Here the kids show their new big kid cups off while eating pancakes and drinking COLD milk

Laney is a BIG girl! We took down her baby crib and put up her new big girl bed!
She has slept well in it, falling out only once to date (last night to be exact).
Another minor drawback is that "Bear Bear" often gets lost in all the covers
and 2 am finds mommy being beckoned to find him. However a big positive is
that we can cuddle up and read night time stories together in her very own bed.

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  1. Michelle, Im looking at your blog while sitting in class on labor day. Im trying not to exclaim out loud about how cute your kids are! I cant believe how big theyre getting! they are adorable in the highest sense. I love you and your kids. Miss you bunches!