Thursday, March 25, 2010


Apparently I haven't learned my lesson about being lazy and not getting dressed. Thankfully this morning it wasn't a fire but it was fairly embaressing. I am wearing, my off the shoulder comfy oversized t shirt, shorty jog shorts, and hot pink fuzzy socks. No make up, hair in ponytail. Thankfully I had on a bra, when I looked out the window to see what Charlie was barking at. My heart jumped a little when I saw a 20 something guy in an OSU hat walking in my back yard. Another glance and I saw he was the meter reader, the meter reader who had my disgruntled golden retreiver cornering him! Well CRAP! I don't want Charlie to bite him. SO, I open the back door and start yelling at Charlie to come. OF course he doesn't listen, Has he ever obeyed? He just keeps barking and growling at the guy, as he dances around him. I yell, an "I'm so sorry!" to the poor guy as Zach appears at my side saying, what's happening? I said, "Its the meter reader guy and I'm hoping Charlie doesn't bite him." Thinking that my going outside might make Charlie more aggressive and protective, I continue to yell from the house. But finally, I was forced out, as Charlie would not back down. The guy is just standing there, looking at me, like do something! Wonder if they have "how to deal with dogs" training at PSO. He was pretty wise, didn't turn his back on Charlie or try to walk away. So, I striped off the hot pink fuzzy socks and ran out in the rain, calling in my playful voice,"CHARLIE, come here!" At first he growled and made a pass at the guy's crotch with his teeth out, but then he retreated and came in the house with me. As I was running inside, my loose drawstring shorts inched down a few inches to reveal my undies (thankfully I was wearing some) and I'm fairly certain my shirt was falling off my shoulder to exspose atleast part of my bra. So, once again ladies, on those lovely lazy mornings where you don't want to hurry and get dressed, atleast make sure you are fairly presentable because you just never know what might happen!

PS I'm thinking a lock on the gate might be handy!