Sunday, January 1, 2017

Your Resolution Personality

I thought this book and quiz might be as interesting to you, as it was to me while I consider my goals for this coming year.

 On New Years Eve I attended a webinar by one of my favorite internet personalities, Robin Long of The Balanced Life Sisterhood, on a Resolution make over.

It was uplifting, encouraging and caused me to think about the goals I set from a different angle.

 She sited this book, "Better Than Before" by Gretchin Rubin about changing habits.
 I have not yet read the book but its on my list now!
 In her book, Gretchin sites 4 tendencies people have based on their personality type:

  • obliger
  •  questioner
  • upholder
  • rebel

Here is the link to her quiz you can take to figure out your tendencies.Tendencies Quiz

This was dead on for me. I was recently blogging about my frustration with myself and the loooong process its taken me to choose to change my eating habits.
My quiz results gave me some validation, a little more evidence that we all process and work through life changes in different ways.  I'm excited to read the book and consider how I can use this information further in my personal life as well as in my parenting.
Can you tell from this picture what tendency I have?

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