Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Quit Coffee and What the Hell was I Thinking? (An Update!)

So here is the update for all you guys out there considering quitting coffee...

Day 10 and I'm still waking up angry that I can't have my coffee.

Over the last week we have had some of the coldest weather Houston ever gets, hmmm, what goes nice with gloomy cold weather? oh yeah, COFFEE!!!
Me and Coffee Snuggling on a  cold morning
So they say, detox lasts a few days.
They say day 9 and 10 are the hardest.
And maybe they are but days 6,7,8 weren't all that easy either.

Me with my Tea
If you find yourself committed to a season of no coffee, and are scouring the internet for a timeline of the withdrawal effects here is what I've experienced:
  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED!! Like its too much energy to find the remote to change the channel tired.
  • Constipation (ugggggh!)
  • Irritability
  • anxious tight chest

Watch out for your very logical reasoning that will come telling you that this is ridiculous, your body needs caffeine and its silly to not have just one little cup of coffee every morning.

                                                             Because you will be damn convincing!

Still, I'm hanging on by a thread.
Here are some of my strategies:

1. I drink tea .
                I am trying to like it.
       I cannot have my favorite kind, black chai tea at the moment due to my food sensitivities,
      So I am constantly experimenting with making my own herbal teas or trying store bought. So far,  Celestial Seasonings Blueberry and Peppermint are my top favorites.
      I made a really yummy ginger, cinnamon tea the other day, however I cannot duplicate it to save my life...the dangers of creative cooking.

          Many people have suggested Rooiboos tea, but I think it tastes like a swisher sweet cigar! GAG! Anyhoo, adding a lot of almond milk and a dash of  cinnamon, and nutmeg makes my tea a bit more fun.

2. I drink hot bone broth and lemon water.
       For healing your gut and supporting your immune system, these are awesome and soothing.


  • walk with a friend
  • do a chore
  • work on some art
  • do yoga
  • whine on my blog about not drinking coffee...
I hope to report in another week how awesome being off coffee is, until then, here is an 
 excellent quote from my coffee loving Dad on tea..

And I totally agree.

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