Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dreaming in 2017

Happy New Year Everybody!

So how is the new year striking you?
 Are you excited about moving forward in some new things this coming year?
Are you  mourning all that was 2016?
As life ebbs and flows, I have noticed, for myself, that different years bring different emotions.

This emotion is EXCITEMENT!
 I am excited about embracing this new year with all the possibilities it contains! Jesus said that He came so we could have life abundant .
 He also said that we are His masterpieces created by Him to do good works that He prepared for us long ago. I love the mental picture that gives me, I picture everyday as a scavenger hunt for the gifts He has prepared and placed throughout the day. (Yes, I am saying the "good work" He made for us to do is a gift!)
Too many days in 2016, I forgot to seek Him and to look at my life with spiritual eyes.
 I'm sure I've walked right by many opportunities to delight in gifts He placed around me.
 This year, I'm hoping to increase my daily awareness of Him and what He has planned for me. I desire to follow Him bravely into new things, and even bring back to the table some long shelved dreams.

For you, my friends, I want to be a cheerleader.
 I want to urge you to look for those good works He has planned for you.
Look for those dreams!
 Pull them off the dusty dark shelf.
Lay them out before the Lord and see if He wants to do something with them!

Finally, I want to encourage you to share them!
Speaking life into each other's dreams is such a wonderful gift from God!

  • Praying WITH each other,
  • brainstorming together,
  • encouraging each other,
  • asking good questions,
  • And praying FOR each other
These are delicious gifts of friendship and intimacy that God has prepared for us this year. And consider, the joy, awe, and wonder we will share at His WORKS in our lives as He does the part that only a Master Artist can do!

I look forward to hearing what you pull down off the shelf this year. 
I look forward to walking together with you and the parties we will have
 as we see the wonders of His faithfulness to us! 

Happy New Year, 

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