Friday, April 27, 2007

A Rough Day

Poor Zachie, has had a rough week. I guess he has reached the "accident" stage. Tonight we went out front to play and we just barely walked out the door before he triped and landed smack on his face. Both of us freaked, as blood was everywhere, while Gigi just calmly told us what to do. =) I just knew we were going to be spending the night in the ER. However, its just a big fat lip! After we got him calmed down we saw that it wouldn't need stiches or anything. SO, on the day his baby sister came home Zach stole the show by getting his first fat lip. Gigi assures us it won't be the last. Just hopefully it will be the last "incident" for awhile, Mommy's hormones can't take anymore!

Enjoy this pic of my new sweetie when she finally opened her eyes the first time today at 5pm. =)


  1. Poor Zach! Annalee did that recently too...bled like crazy.

    Delaney is so beautiful! Love the blonde hair!!!

  2. What a day of emotions! Don't worry, Gigi is unfortuantely right, it won't be the last. It is hard to go through something like that on a normal day! Laney is adorable!!!! Love you!

  3. Poor Zachie! He looks so sad in that picture! At least he made sure he got some attention on his little sis' big day! :) She is so beautiful!

  4. Michelle,
    She is absolutely beautiful! Oh she is precious. What a cutie.
    Poor Zach. I hope it looks worse than it feels. :-) I bet he is a proud big brother!
    Love you! Allison