Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun with the Hitchcocks!

This Saturday was beautiful! After the egg hunt we went back to the Hitchcocks to play for a bit. Gunner has this kid sized jeep and I looked up to see Zach cruising with Rylee! It was hillarious! He drove Rylee, then Lane, and lastly he and Gunner rode together. At one point, the one where Gunner is chasing after them, Zach floored it with Gunner trying to ride on the back. Gunner bit it into the grass and jumped up to chase them down. We were just laughing. I personally thought watching them try to drive and not hit anything was hillarious! Although, I think Kathy and I are terrified to look to the future and picture our sons driving in a car together for real! In the bottom picture Zach has hit the side of the boucey jumper. We gave him a break from driving after that. Laney did ok when it was her turn. She just isn't quite old enough to understand steering and gas peddle. ha ha!

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