Thursday, February 25, 2010

ALERT! Sickeningly sweet blog post to follow!

Ok, so can I just have to say that I'm in love with my children! They are so amazing and this blog is just bursting out of my mommy heart! A few weeks ago in my Mom's time bible study I pledged to pray that God would help me to see my children for who they truly are and to help me to truly love them in the way they need to be loved. I get tunnel vision here in the trenches and sometimes, sadly see them as just my "work for the day". I hate even confessing that to the world, but transparency is what I strive for, so there is the ugly truth. So, anyway, the Lord is ANSWERING my prayer!! In the last few weeks, through sick days and everything, I am starting to really see my kids. To hear their hearts and thoughts and its delightful! Laney needs lots of hugs and kisses, which I don't do naturally, but when I take the time to snuggle her, my spirit is refreshed. I put her down for nap just now, and we gave butterfly kisses and her arms tight around my neck and an "I love you mommy!" warmed me to the soul. Then there's Zachie. He is always hollering out, "Mama!" during his quiet rest time. Sometimes I get so frustrated trying to get things done while he keeps wanting to tell me something. But praise the Lord I stopped to listen just now. He told me, "Mama you love all of us." I said, yes. He said, "Mama's are the best and everyone loves you too." I had to go give him a big kiss! He added that "Daddy's are the best too." There is so much reward when we invest in our children with patience, kindness, and love! Gentle answers instead of frustrated, "WHAT!" makes such a difference in our relationship. Praise God for my children, clique and all, they really are a gift from heaven! LOL!

PS Hallie is of course adorable! Every second I snuggle her fat cheeks I am delighted!

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  1. I love this sweet post - it was not sickening at all - and I am so encouraged by your experiences of love with your kids!! Woo Hoo for the spirit's ability to reveal truth and love in our relationships!