Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mexican Zucchini and Beef Skillet Recipe

Hello there, 
In our new eating world I have found a few recipes I love and that my family likes! 
This Mexcian Zucchini and Beef Skillet  is one of them, I found it on Pintrest, thank you Lisa!

 Tonight I am adding a diced problano pepper and fresh tomatoes instead of the canned (I didn't have one in the pantry). We are also trying a new type of rice tonight, brown basmati rice that I bought at Aldi a few weeks ago. I may have a little, I try to take it easy on the rice, even though its not one of my allergens at the moment. However, for the rest of the family I like to round out the meal by putting it on top of rice or quinoa. 
If you're bored of your current meals, give this one a try. 

                                                                                       xoxo Michelle 

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