Friday, July 17, 2009

Thank You Gigi!

This blog update has been a long time coming...but I must make an entry to thank my awesome mother in law for giving up her life for a whole month and coming to take care of us! Because I was on semi bedrest at the end of my pregnancy Linda flew in to help out with laundry, chores, and the kiddos. BOY are we ever thankful for all her help! I also greatly enjoyed her company during the days! Its strange to go back to being the only grown up in the house each day! She treked to the splash park, made walmart runs, handled fussy kiddos and put up with my crazy hormones and whining for all those weeks. When we went into the hospital to have Hallie she held down the fort with Zach and Laney all on her own! I don't know how we'd have done this without her! We sure miss her, now that she has returned to Houston! Thank you sooooo much Gigi for your wonderful help , loving friendship, and presence. We love you!
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