Sunday, June 1, 2008

Zach learns to use a baseball glove.

Today Zach found Daddy's old baseball glove among some toys. After putting on his Bob the Builder tool belt he attempted to pitch some balls. He didn't quite have the hang of it but attempted to copy Daddy after he watched his example. It was so funny because his pliers kept falling out of the tool belt when he would try to pitch and he'd bend over to get it and the music from the Bob the Builder walkie talkie would play bc he hit the button with his tummy. Of course during all of this his ball got away from him and Lane grabbed it. Kids are so fun to watch! oh and don't worry, Daddy made sure Zach figured out to throw the ball with the hand NOT in the glove! =)

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  1. I loved this! We're sitting here, watching BOTH the men and women Aggies play ball right now. How appropriate. I can't wait until Kyle can play, too!