Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice Storm 2007

Hi all! For those of you not in the Tulsa area, life has been nuts! Most of Tulsa has been without power since Sunday. Thankfully ours was turned back on tuesday morning. However, we've had a crazy week! When we woke up Monday our power was gone. So we headed to our friends, the Giles, because they had power. We'd been there maybe a couple of hours when their power went out. Since neither of us had working fireplaces, no generators, or space heaters and we both had two small children we had to figure out something. In the end I took the kids and followed Jen to Arkansas to stay with Chris's family. They were so sweet to take us in! Eric and Chris roughed it at Chris's office, which had power, so that they could go to work. The kids and I returned Wed afternoon. Sadly, I have no pictures of the beautiful Narnia-like landscape! I've never seen anything like the ice coverd trees that continually cracked and fell. Thankfully we have a new house with only two tiny baby trees in our yard. Alot of Tulsa is still without power and another snow/ice storm is headed our way! Please pray that it doesn't hamper the work to turn on power or cause ours to go off again. This past time the roads were fairly clear to drive on but if the roads are bad and we don't have power, I don't know what we will do! Thanks for the prayers!


  1. I so understand how ice storms are Amazingly beautiful while being so destructive at the same time! I was in one once and after I chipped the layer of ice off my car to get in it, when I rolled down my window there was a sheet of ice in its place! I had to punch it out - so tough, I know. So glad you guys are safe and sound!

  2. Michelle, you're welcome to steal some of my pics if you want to post them...Look at my slide show and let me know if you want it on your site too :) I like your narrative on the storm...