Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Something NEW!

Well, as my friend Jen so kindly pointed out, I have been a slacker blogger lately! Its fall and I really should be posting better, what with all the cute videos and pics I have! So here is a huge back lash of pics and videos. We went to the pumpkin patch early in the month. It was so fun for Zach! He loved climbing on the pumpkins and actually got his foot stuck down in them. I had to move some around to get him out but it didn't deter him from continuing. Also, he LOVED the petting zoo! He was not even a little scared of the animals. He wanted to be up in their faces! We went to Midland mid October to spend some time with my family. Also Eric's bro and sis in law came up to meet Delaney and play with Zach. We had a great time! During our trip it became very apparent that Zach LOVES basketball and basketball goals inparticular. He points everyone he sees out! In our new house we MUST have a flat spacious driveway for him to have a basketball goal! Anyway, I hope yall enjoy the new pics....to my Midland friends, I'm a slacker friend I know! I'm so sorry to sneek into town and not call, somehow time just got away from us. I will do better at Christmas time. =)

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  1. Zach is cute! Luke is also very into basketball goals and notices every sigle one in our neighborhood. I can't wait to get him one for Christmas :)