Monday, June 4, 2007

The woman who cried FIRE!

An amusing store with a moral, for your reading pleasure! I was not dressed, but in a scanky tanktop I sleep in and gross old shorty shorts. Zach was napping with no shorts on, due to a fun play time in water before naptime and lane had just eatten. I was cooking some banana bread and when I finished I forgot to turn off the oven (it had probably only been 10min with it on without food cooking). So I'm sittin on the couch having a quiet time, for once in my life. I start hearing these popping sounds. I get up to investigate and there are sparks and flames IN MY OVEN! I freaked!! I didn't know what to do, if I should open the door and throw flour or water on it or what. In the end I called 911! ha! Then I ran and put a robe on over my clothes, grabbed Lane and threw here in her carseat and put her on the front porch. Charlie ran out the front door and away, while I went and grabbed Zach, waking him from a sound sleep. I looked at the oven again and the fire was starting to get smaller and went out. SO, I called back 911 and said that the fire was out and no one needed to come. He asked if I wanted them to check it anyway and said they were already on their way. SO, I said ok. Picture me in my robe with no make up and my hair in a poney standing on the front porch holding Zach, whose just in a Tshirt and diaper, and Lane sitting in her carseat next to us when the firetruck with siren blaring pulls up at our house. A fully garbed fire man gets out and makes his way up the front walk. I apologize and say the fire is out and lead the way in. I know my face is red from being embaressed and from being in my long fleece robe in the June! It didn't even smell like smoke in here, just like the banana bread I was cooking. ha! They opened the oven and smoke came out but it was not on fire anymore. They turned it off at the breaker and then gave me some ideas about calling a repair man. haha! They were really nice. I asked what I should've done and they said call them, like I did. =) oh that was our morning. I don't know if you know that I'm scared to death of fire and all things fire related. SO I was totally shaking up until about thirty minutes ago, although I was trying to act calm and even show Zach the firemen and truck happily. I made the call at 11:30 probably. I ended up giving the guys my bread bc they were so nice and I didn't really have a fire for them to put out. However, my stove and oven are turned off at the circuit breaker and I won't be able to cook dinner, too bad! =) The moral of the story is...get dressed every morning, keep your kids dressed, and don't leave your red bra laying on the sofa with breastfeeding pads in it! ha ha ha!
(by the way, the problem was a short in the coils in the bottom of the oven)


  1. Oh my goodness, that is just too much. Thank you for passing on the lesson you learned! I've spent most of today in my jammies, so perhaps I'd better get dressed?

  2. Michelle, That is SO crazy! The EXACT same thing happened to me about a year ago. I was standing right there when it happened; scared me to death. I ended up borrowing the Voskamp's oven. You'll probably want to know that the repair was very easy; he was in & out in 30 min and charged around $120.


  3. Ah my beautiful friend - such is our lives these days! I wonder what my first crisis will be once I have 2 children on my hands :) I'm glad you're open to sharing your escapades. Love you

  4. OMW! i would hav freaked too! that would scare me beyond belief!i'm glad that everything worked out ok.

  5. Holy Smokes Michelle! That was a funny least for us to read. Sorry for the drama for you though! Nice touch leaving the red bra on the couch! :) Glad everything was fine. Christin