Friday, February 16, 2007

Vacuuming with Zachie

I guess its sorta silly to post this but I was so proud of my son this morning! For the first time, I decided to do vacuuming and cleaning of floors while he was awake and NOT contained anywhere. When I got out the vacuum, with the hose part on, he was very interested. He came over to inspect it, pulling on the hose and rolling the wheels. When I turned it on and Charlie got excited he made a face and cried a little. I helped him walk beside me and he decided that he liked the vacuum, esp the lengths of chord following me. After doing the tile and wood I had to change the attachment. My little man, squatted beside me to see everything I did as I put the carpet attachment on. While I vacuumed the carpet he walked in front of it to see the light and kept wanted to touch it. Needless to say, I was a little slower than usual. oh well! The part I am so proud of is that while I vacuumed and moped the kitchen Zach just watched me from the doorway and clapped.(We've been learning NOT to come in the kitchen) It was so cute, like he was saying, GOOOO Mommy! Although I know I can do this with Zach up now, I'm not sure I will do it often. =)


  1. Hi, I found your blog on the GKGW message board. I love to check in with other Christian families! I have 3 boys. Ages 10, 6, and 2. We were introduced to the GKGW curriculum about 10 years ago and loved it! We felt like it gave us direction! Anyway, sometimes we find ourselves off track and need to move back again but we're still working on it! Thanks for sharing your blog wiht me! :-) Have a great weekend!